Welcome to GRIP

Group Residential Individualized Program believes in building lives through teaching young people to self-evaluate their chosen behaviors and make positive changes.
For nearly a decade, GRIP has provided therapeutic, vocational, educational, and recreational services — as well as a loving home to boys in need.

Belief System

GRIP believes that all boys and young men should be afforded the opportunity to reach his potential in a safe and caring environment. Basic to this belief is that boys and young men flourish in structured environments that focus on the right choices that these adolescents have made in their lives.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help young people learn to satisfy, in positive ways, their basic needs of 1) Love and belonging, 2) Power and competency, 3) Freedom and autonomy, 4) Fun, 5) Survival through participation in counseling, education, increasing impulse control, becoming competent in school and a vocation, and developing self sufficiency.

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