Rates for GRIP are determined by the Program Director and Administrator. Please feel free to contact GRIP regarding rates.

Referral Form

Our Referral Form is intended for informational use only for the GRIP Boys’ Home staff. Once received, our staff will initiate the referral/acceptance process. The information included on the referral form is for GRIP Staff to assess the appropriateness of a child for the program. It, in no way, is a substitute for a screening or assessment on any individual.

Please download the PDF form, print the form, fill it out and mail or FAX it to us.

Tuition Assistance

Many times, seeking out mental health for loved ones can be burdensome financially. However, there are people that can help. Clark Behavioral Health Financing is an organization that provides loans for mental health services for those that are unable to secure financing to provide their loved ones with the help they need. Simply click this link  and apply today!

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