Choice Theory

Choice Theory is an internal control psychology which contends that individuals are in complete control of their behavior and that behavior is never determined by events or people outside oneself.

Many people who struggle are living in what Dr. William Glasser calls external control psychology. This lack of control modality is the basis for much human misery. However, once the person learns that they can take control of their own lives, they become empowered with less stress, more trust, more self-confidence, and freedom to be who they want to be.

All behaviors are purposeful. They are meant to fulfill basic human needs, such as the need for love, power, freedom, fun, and survival. Many of those who choose to follow external control will choose to fulfill those needs in harmful ways. However, those who practice internal control are more likely to choose to fulfill those needs in socially and personally appropriate ways.

The path to internal control is by self-evaluation. This is essential to taking responsibility for our actions. This is the foundation from which GRIP operates.

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