mazeThe Verona Corn Maze

Held every Fall, this is our largest fundraising event for the GRIP Boy’s Home.

Verona Maze is a family entertainment venue that has a Field of Screams (haunted maize), campfires, Cow Train, Hillbilly Shooting Range, a General Store for gifts and goodies, and more!

There’s a wild Pumpkin’ Chuckin’ cannon, plus a Corn Cannon! We have Hayrides, a crunchy Corn Box, lots of friendly farm animals … and plenty of yummy things to eat.

Also, Verona Maze is home to the BoxerJocks, an exciting attraction for all. Go to website: Verona Corn Maze


BoxerJocks are a game of skill, as well as an exciting thrill ride! Fun for all ages.

Each rider enters the BoxerJock to find himself encased in a suit of steel armor … and ready to do battle with punch-buttons and joysticks! Digital displays keep score and the match continues until there is a victor!

They are available to rent for any event, party, reunion, church activity, retreat, company picnic, school activity, carnival, fair, or any gathering that brings people together to have fun.

Our BoxerJocks have been in the Ozark Empire Fair in Springfield and Missouri State Fair in Sedalia. 

Click to inquire about reservations!

firewoodFirewood Sales

The GRIP Boy’s Home sells wood by the rick (to the Verona, Missouri area only). A rick is 4’ tall by 8’ wide. Most of our firewood is approximately 18” long, but special orders can be made.

The boys at the group home participate in all aspects of the wood projects, from the cutting, splitting, stacking, to the selling and delivery. It is a great vocational experience and all wood bought from the boy’s home directly benefits the children at GRIP!

Rates are as follows:
$35/rick  |  Pick-up only.  The boys assist with loading the wood into your vehicle.
$40/rick  |  Delivered (within local area only).  The boys assist with stacking wood in desired location.

cansAluminum Cans

The residents at GRIP do their part to keep the environment clean. GRIP recycles aluminum cans that are collected at the corn maize, during roadside cleanups, and those that are donated to the group home.

If you are interested in dropping off aluminum cans so that the residents can recycle them, please contact GRIP to schedule a time and date.

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