GRIP contracts a Master’s level Licensed Professional Counselor to do individual, group, and family counseling for all of the residents at GRIP. Each resident is seen, at a minimum, by the therapist, Charles Bell MA, LPC, for one hour for individual counseling. Topics covered include, but are not limited to: past abuse and trauma issues, problem-solving, juvenile sex offending issues and reoffending, drug and alcohol abuse issues, peer relationships, choices and consequence issues, and self-evaluation.

Treatment Meeting

The Professional Treatment Team meets the last Wednesday of the month to review progress of each child in several different areas of treatment. The areas that the child are evaluated in is: educational, behavioral, counseling, vocational, recreational, and social. Treatment team members include the Program Director, Individual and Group Counselor, Teacher, Social Worker, and Staff Member.


GRIP believes that one can gain many benefits from working in groups, both therapeutic and team-building. GRIP has an anger management group weekly with the licensed counselor. Additionally, GRIP has a fifteen –week Independent Living Skills group that is ran from the Missouri Department of Social Services Independent Living curriculum.

Family Therapy

The adolescents who are appropriate for family therapy can participate in family therapy at the group home. GRIP believes that family counseling is an important aspect of therapy; however, the adolescent MUST work on his own personal counseling first before family counseling can be effective. Therefore, family counseling is typically introduced later in the adolescent’s stay.

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